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Passionist Spirituality and Leadership

by Bishop Paul M. Boyle, C.P.

Bishop Paul M. Boyle, C.P.
Bishop Paul M. Boyle, C.P.

Introduction by Fr. Rob Carbonneau, C.P., Editor

2006 is a year of jubilee for the Passionists of Holy Cross Province based in Chicago, Illinois. It is a centennial celebration. Any institutional celebration offers a great perspective on how the past and present come together. At the same time, such celebrations are opportunities to ponder our personal journeys.

It is in this spirit that I asked Bishop Paul M. Boyle, C.P. to write a personal historical reflection on how he had come to understand the meaning of Passionist spirituality and leadership in his ministry. Graciously he accepted and sent the following essay. It is my hope that this reflection leads all Passionists and friends of the Passionists to consider the events and people that have shaped their own institutional and personal experiences of leadership and ministry. Taken from another perspective, each of us might consider how family, education, and the workplace have shaped our public persona. Finally, as an historian and archivist I have every hope that Bishop Boyle's essay serves as a catalyst for others to appreciate that an appropriate sharing of their historical experience can be a useful tool for ongoing planning, discernment, dialogue, and reconciliation. After all, we might do well to remember that we are the people whose voices shape our every day secular or religious institutional memories.

Bishop Paul M. Boyle is a Passionist from Holy Cross Province. He was professed in 1946 and ordained in 1953. He has been a teacher, provincial (1968-1976), and superior general of the Passionists (1976-1988). In 1991 he was first appointed Vicar Apostolic of the Diocese of Mandeville, Jamaica, West Indies. In 1997 he was named Bishop of Mandeville. He retired in 2004 and presently resides with the Passionist community in Louisville, Kentucky.